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Most of us have had amalgam fillings (silver) or gold filling restorations.
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Elm Tree Clinic
What they Do - Restorative Dentistry.
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Family Dentist
They provide "white" fillings for teeth.
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Hug Net
Provides information and resources on the health related issues surrounding potentially hazardous materials used in dentistry.
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Dental amalgam is commonly known as 'silver' fillings.
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Fillings are about one-half composed of mercury.
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Organic Fillings by The Pillow Co.
Organic pillow fillings of different, all-natural materials will provide the best possible support for your head.
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There are different kinds of fillings to do the job.
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After decay is removed from a tooth, something must be placed in that space to give strength back to the tooth.
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Dental amalgam is a mixture of various metals, but is primarily composed of mercury, silver, copper and tin.
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