Commonly Used Dental Lab Equipment

The right dental lab equipment is selected when the proper level of forethought and planning takes place. The daily functions in dental laboratories mean that functional, up-to-date and reliable equipment is used for each task to be completed successfully. Knowing which types of functions constitute top performance in a laboratory will aide in locating the right dental lab supplies and equipment. The consideration for new, used or refurbished equipment is also important if budget constraints are a major concern. Whether a new or used piece of equipment is purchased, a warranty should accompany the purchase to ensure that this investment is covered.

While there are many different items which are included in the dental lab equipment category, there are several common pieces that are used in practically every dental office. A cleaning unit such as the Whipmix 3/4 HP Heavy Duty Wet Trimmer is designed to capture debris that is left after a cleaning procedure. This unit costs $1,099 and has a safety feature which stops the motor if the door is unexpectedly opened. A convenient shelf, work table electric water valve and a water spray attachment comes with this unit.

Another type of dental lab equipment that is commonly used is the Eclipse Processing Unit. The Eclipse has multiple removable appliances that are used for full or partial dentures, provisional partials and night guards. The Eclipse costs over $5,100 and comes with a conditioning oven that is used to warm models and materials. Other features include an electric spatula, a hot air gun and a bonding agent. Dental clinicians are able to see pressure points and fluid retention areas to make accurate laboratory adjustments. A third item is the Buffalo X50 that guarantees a safe, reliable and trouble-free operation. The brushless high torque motor and control system has a speed range up to 50,000 rpm, providing the appropriate level of strength without compromising control.