Why to Consider Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Contrary to some beliefs, children and infants are far from immune to oral health problems. In fact, recent studies show that dental caries, or cavities, are the most common form of childhood ailment – seven times more so than hay fever, and five times more than asthma. Such is why more and more parents are beginning to send their kids into a pediatric dentist early on. A pediatric dentist is one who specializes in the diagnosis and care of oral health in children.

What they eat, directly affects their oral hygiene. Starches and sugars are prime examples of substances in foods that cause tooth decay. In addition, children’s teeth are generally more difficult to clean, which allows debris to remain in children’s teeth for long periods of time, resulting in the growth of bacteria, and ultimately, tooth decay. While the first set of teeth will eventually be replaced with a more permanent, adult set, it is important to note that the upkeep of healthy teeth is fundamental to a child’s development and overall health.

Care provided by pediatric dentists includes regular health exams, preventative care, regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, and the use of sealants in order to prevent cavities. While many families choose to have their kids treated by the family oral physician, pediatric specialists are able to offer an in depth focus on your children that your general practitioner may not be inclined or prepared to offer. Pediatric specialists, have an additional two to three years training post general dental school. The program and curriculum studied emphasizes child psychology, growth and development. In general, a pediatric specialist will have a greater understanding of how to make your child feel comfortable, safe, and at ease. If you are looking into finding a new oral physician for your child, there are many options available to you. Begin by asking friends and family members for referrals. Check online to review details accounts from past and current clients, and schedule a consultation with someone who fits the bill.

Things to Know about Cosmetic Dentistry

Our general oral health is vital and cosmetic dentistry is one branch in the field of dentistry that helps us attain that health. Cosmetic dentistry is usually concerned with the restoration of tooth impairments. This branch of dentistry involves the interception, prevention, preservation and restoration of tooth impairments. As such, it revolves around the patient’s enamel, dentin, the pulp and actually the supporting tissues of the teeth.

One of the most common functions of cosmetic dentistry is classified as the diagnosis and treatment planning. Any patient with dental needs requires a systematic approach so as to arrive at the diagnosis, before the treatment plan is established. Therefore, the dentist involved takes an analysis of the patient in order to learn more about their condition. Areas of particular interest include dental caries, tooth sensitivity, occlusal disharmonies and other disturbances that can be alleviated with some form of restorative treatment.

It is worth noting that certain forms of dental caries can be dealt with if proper home care is instituted. However, at times restorative treatment may be required and this is where the cosmetic dental practitioner comes in. Traumatic injuries which occur frequently on the anterior teeth may also lead to loss of the crown, either as a portion or the whole of it. In such a case, immediate treatment is required and it may include the specific care of the pulpal tissue, the gingival tissues and the exposed dentin.