The Fluoridation “Conspiracy”

A couple of weeks ago, a news story appeared regarding a Harvard researcher, who some accuse of covering-up results unfavorable to water fluoridation. Chester Douglass found that the odds of having osteosarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer) after drinking fluoridated water were “not statistically different” from the odds for those who drank non-fluoridated water. However, Elise Bassin, a doctoral student supervised by Douglass who studied some of the same people, reported in her 2001 thesis that boys who drink fluoridated water appear to have an increased risk of developing the disease.

As you might expect, this was more than enough to get conspiracy theorists of all stripes to pounce out of the woodwork. Douglass, you see, is editor-in-chief of the Colgate Oral Health Report, a quarterly newsletter funded by Colgate-Palmolive Co., which makes fluoridated toothpaste. This must be a conflict of interest!

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The Role Of Fluoride Products In Effective Dental Care

We all heard about positive effects of fluoride on our dental health and strength of our teeth. Fluoride can be found in the food we eat, in the water we drink and even in the air we breathe. We receive fluoride mainly from tea, nuts, green vegetables and sea products. The majority of the toothpastes and mouth rinses we use also contain this helpful mineral element. Along with calcium and phosphorus, fluoride boosts strength and durability of our teeth, as well as ensures normal development of our bones and growth of our hair and nails.

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